Taiwan Local Culture Experience (2024) - 7 Days

7D6N Taiwan Local Culture Experience(Private Tour)
7天6晚 台湾在地文化体验(包车出发)

Daily Departure, 4 to go  每日出发,4人成行

Valid until 31th Dec 2024

*Price subject to change based on currency fluctuation.

Tour Highlights 行程亮点:

For inquiries regarding group pricing for this package with more participants or for more details on other Taiwan tour packages, please contact our customer service through the following methods. 欲询问此配套其他成团人数价格或更多其他台湾旅游配套详情,敬请透过以下方式联系客服。


Taiwan, located on the Pacific “rim of fire,” boasts majestic peaks, rolling hills, plains, coastlines, and diverse natural landscapes shaped by tectonic movements. The island is home to rare and endangered wildlife species such as land-locked salmon, Taiwan serow, Formosan rock monkey, Formosan black bear, blue magpie, Mikado pheasant, and Hsuehshan grass lizard.

With 368 districts, townships, and cities, Taiwan offers a rich cultural history, cultural landscapes, and recreational resources. Whether you’re a foreign visitor or a Taiwanese traveler, Taiwan promises unforgettable experiences and exploration.


Day 1
Departure 出发地 ✈ Taipei 台北

Upon arrival, transfer to Taipei County – After check in, free at own leisure.

* Hotel G7 Taipei or similar



* 集贤商旅或同级

Day 2
Taipei 台北 - Yilan 宜兰 (B 早餐)

• Shifen Old Street: Shifen Old Street is located along the the Pingxi largest train station and railways. It is not only well-known to the old buildings, but also to the unique view that trains pass by in a very closed distance. The trains often bring surprises to tourists. The streets are lined with considerable number of sky lanterns and souvenir shops.

• Jiufen Street: once abandoned after the mountain to dig gold, for the movie “City of Sadness” and once again flourishing, becoming the longest one of Taiwan’s most lively streets, a variety of souvenirs, souvenirs and snacks, attract large numbers of tourists up the mountain shopping Do not miss the famous snack – taro round nine.

• Sanxing scallion pancakes DIY: Yilan’s “Sanxing Scallions” are one of the top-quality vegetables in Taiwan. Don’t miss the parent-child handmade Sanxing scallion pancakes DIY that is suitable for adults and children when you come to Yilan. The classroom has comfortable air conditioning, suitable for playing all year round. Make and taste delicious and affordable scallion pancakes on the spot, don’t miss it!

• Luodong Night Market: the more the more beautiful night, Ilan most famous snack street, almost all concentrated in the LuoDong park around the park known as tapas, showing H-type distribution; there ZhangxiuXiongMiTaimu salty, smoked duck Li Buddha sent Chen Ting shoots Mie meat, Lee again light broth, dragon legs, bean curd roll, rice soup, seafood, cheap and bowl, it really is to people in the snack of choice.

* Sun Spring Resort or similar

• 十分老街:十分老街位于平溪地区最大的火车站十分站铁道两旁,以全台独一无二火车门前过的街道奇景闻名,常给游客带来意外的惊喜,街道两旁有相当多天灯纪念品专卖店。

• 九份:曾经是挖金矿后的废弃山城,因电影《悲情城市》而再度繁华,成为台湾最热闹最长的一条老街,各式各样的手信、纪念品及小吃,吸引大量游客上山逛街,千万不可错过有名的小吃~九份芋圆。

• 葱油饼DIY: 宜兰的“三星葱”是台湾顶级品质的蔬菜之一,来到宜兰千万别错过大人小孩都适合的亲子手作三星葱多饼DIY。教室内有舒适的冷气,适合全年来玩。现场制作,品尝美味又实惠的葱油饼,别错过!

• 罗东夜市:愈夜愈美丽,宜兰最富盛名的小吃街,几乎全部集中在罗东公园四周,俗称公园小吃,呈现H型分布;有张秀雄的咸米苔目、李佛送的薰鸭、陈庭枝的搣肉、李再灯的肉羹、龙凤腿、豆腐卷、米粉羹、海鲜等,便宜又大碗,果然是在地人宵夜的不二选择。

* 山泉饭店或同级

Day 3
Yilan 宜兰 - Taichung 台中 (B 早餐)

• Jimmy Theme Park: Located next to the train station of Jimmy’s hometown, it designed to create a park according to the scenes of his book, such as “Turn Left, Turn Right” and “Star”, illustrating the story and the characters in front of you.

• Sheng-Hsing Train Station: Shengxing Railway Station is the highest point of the Western Longitudinal Railway. There is a monument on the platform of the station with an elevation of 402.326 meters. It is the most dangerous section of the most dangerous and natural landscape in the western longitudinal railway. Today, although there is no train, it still retains The characteristic old street of Hakka Village.

• Longteng Broken Bridge:LongTeng used to be called “Fish Teng Ping”. After the re-establishment of the village in Taiwan, the villagers thought that the “fish vine” was indecent and changed its name to Longteng. Although the broken bridge has been damaged, it has unexpectedly become a monument to the beauty of defects.

• Shen Ji New Village :It is an emerging cultural creation. Remodeled from the old dormitory, there are many shops in the station, and every time the holiday always attracts many friends, it has become a popular tourist punching spot in Taichung.

• Fengjia Night Market: It is one of Taichung’s famous commercial business districts, covering approximately one kilometer in diameter around Feng Chia University and includes the Fengjia-Wenhua Night Market, Fengjia Rd., and Fuxing Rd. In this CBD, you can find delicious snack foods and quality clothes at reasonable prices to express your unique personality.

* Miller Inn or similar

• 几米主题公园:位于几米故乡的火车站旁,设计打造的绘本场景公园,将绘本的故事人物呈现在眼前,知名如“向左走、向右走”、“星空”。

• 胜兴车站:胜兴火车站是西部纵贯铁路的最高点,站内月台有一座纪念碑,标高402.326公尺,为西部纵贯铁路中最险峻、自然景观最特殊的一段,如今虽无火车行驶,却依旧保有客家村庄的特色老街。

• 龙腾断桥:龙腾旧称“鱼藤坪”,至台湾光复设村后,村民认为“鱼藤”不雅而改名为龙腾。断桥虽经破损,却也意外成为缺陷美的古迹。

• 审计新村:是个新兴的文创聚落。由老宿舍改建,有不少店家进驻,每到假日总是吸引许多朋友前来,已经成为台中的热门旅游打卡景点。

• 逢甲夜市:是全台湾最大且著名的观光夜市,逢甲夜市的消费以『便宜又大碗』为最吸引各路爱好夜市的民众;逢甲夜市以新奇又有趣的小吃闻名,成为创新小吃的原始地,大肠包小肠、碳烤鸡排、懒人虾、红茶冰…等都是不可错过的美食。

* 米乐商旅或同级

Day 4
Changhua 彰化 - Nantou 南投 (B 早餐)

• Lugang Street: Polular port city in Taiwan , but also with the decline of the port and lonely , but also because of the decline of untapped while retaining a considerable number of cultural and historical monuments and authentic cuisine snacks, to enjoy authentic gourmet snacks and Bellagio culture.

• XuanGuang Temple Pier: It was once a temple for the Tang dynasty of the Tang Dynasty, the temple of the XuanZang master, and after the relocation of the relics, it became a famous tourist attraction due to the beautiful scenery and the crowds, and there is a famous lingzhi tea egg tasting.

• SUN Moon Lake: The SUN Moon Lake, located in the middle of Taiwan, with an elevation of 748 meters above sea level, is the only natural big lake in Taiwan. The southern part of Lalu Island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name SUN Moon Lake.

• Ita Shao Market – is a tribe inhabited by Thao people, also known as Ita Shao Old Street. It gathers many mountain Tribal delicacies, including millet mochi, millet wine, wild boar meat, and more.

• Wenwu Temple Observation Deck: Its angle overlooks the panoramic view of Sun Moon Lake, and it is located directly opposite the Qinglong Mountain and Lunglong Mountain ShuanglongZhuzhu, so it is called the best viewing platform on the Sun Moon Lake Ring Road.

* Pei Kong Creek Resort or similar


• 玄光寺码头:曾经为供奉西游记唐三藏—玄奘大师舍利子所盖之寺庙,后来舍利子搬迁后,因风景优美,人潮不绝,而成为著名观光胜地,并有出灵芝茶叶蛋品尝。

• 日月潭游船:搭乘游艇欣赏全台最大淡水湖泊,四周群峦叠翠,山水相映的景致相当美丽,南形如月弧,北形如日轮,所以名为『日月潭』,是古今中外游客来台必访景点。

伊达邵逐鹿市场 – 是邵族居住的部落,又称伊达邵老街。 这里汇聚了许多山地部落美食,包括小米麻糬、小米酒、野猪肉等等。

• 文武庙观景台:其角度可俯瞰日月潭全景,并正好位于青龙山与仑龙山双龙抢珠局势正对面,故被称为日月潭环潭公路上最佳的观景平台。

* 沙八温泉或同级

Day 5
Nantou 南投 (B 早餐)

• Thirteen Eye Kiln: This rare old-fashioned eye kiln, with thirteen eyes, was built during the Japanese occupation period. It was a brick kiln that produced red bricks and tiles, with a towering chimney, 104 meters long, 50 meters wide, and 9 meters high. It was damaged in the 921 earthquake, and to preserve the kiln art culture, it was renovated and turned into a new seven-color rainbow photo spot. It is currently a place for selling agricultural products, and there are many specialty shops in the kiln caves.

• Jiji Station: is a railway culture as the theme of the tourist town, the station next to the old iron station in Taiwan converted the railway cultural relics exhibition hall, and furnish antique-class coal-fired steam locomotive, successfully led the surrounding tourism business opportunities

• Jiji Old Street: Entering the “Jiji Ancient Street”, you can taste a variety of creative and old-fashioned snacks, the most famous of which are the ingenious banana crisps and the innovative heartbroken banana boat. Additionally, there is a wide selection of souvenirs and local specialties to choose from, with the train ticket-shaped biscuits being one of the iconic creations representing Jiji Station.

• Monster village: Monster village is located in the river head next to the forest, by the creative team to create a small business district, full of Japanese-style architecture, people kind of illusion that exposure to the Japanese streets, and the Japanese ghost Taro as the theme of many lovely monster dolls in the monster village Inside, but also add joy and joy and joy.

* Liching Garden Villa or similar

• 十三目仔寮:这座罕见的旧式目仔窑,共十三个目,建于日据时期。当时是生产红砖及瓦的砖窑,有支高耸大烟囱,长度有104公尺、宽度50公尺、高度则9公尺。在921大地震时毁损,为保留窑艺文化,经过整修后,变成全新七色彩虹的拍照景点,目前也是农特产卖场,窑洞中进驻多间特色店家。

• 集集火车站: 集集是一个以铁道文化为主题的观光小镇,车站旁还有以台铁旧仓库所改建的铁道文物展示馆,以及摆设古董级的燃煤蒸汽火车头,成功带动周边的观光商机。

• 集集老街: 走进“集集古街”,可以品尝到各种创意与古早味融合的美食小吃,最有名的是别出心裁的香蕉酥和创新口味的失恋香蕉船。此外,还有丰富的纪念品和伴手礼可供选择,像以火车票为模型的火车票饼更是集集车站的代表作之一。

• 妖怪村: 妖怪村位于溪头森林旁,由创意团队打造的小商圈,充满日式风味的建筑,让人有种错觉以为置身日本街道中,并以日本鬼太郎为主题呈现众多可爱的妖怪公仔在妖怪村内,更增添许欢惊奇与欢喜。

* 俪景山庄或同级

Day 6
Nantou 南投 - Taipei (B 早餐)

• 101 Taipei: Taiwan’s tallest building, with a total height of 508 meters, the integration of modern art and architectural features Chinese fengshui, there are around the world brand-name merchandise.

• The 44th south Village: In the past, it was one of the villages. Because it was the factory of the 44th arsenal of the company, and it was located in the south of the factory, it was named the 4th South Village. Although the place is not big, it retains many different tastes from the bustling city. A lively 101 department store near the formation of a strong contrast.

• Wufenpu : There are nearly one thousand of the garment shops in this gathering, which sourced from across the province and other places such as Hong Kong, Thailand and South Korea. The clothes with high quality sold in wholesale price here so attracted many young people come to shopping.

• Raohe Street Tourist Night Market : It is 600 meters in length, near Shongshan Railway Station. There is a decorated-archway in front of the entrance. There are various shops and stands in the night market. It presents Taiwanese characteristic and is definitely a place worth visiting.

* Hotel G7 Taipei or similar


• 四四南村:过去为眷村之一,因当时住的是联勤第44兵工厂的厂工,又位于工厂之南,故名四四南村,虽然地方不大,但却保留很多跟繁华都市不同的味道,与附近热闹的101百货商圈形成一个强烈的对比。

• 五分埔:近一千家的成衣业者在此汇集,以货源来自全省及港、泰、韩、新各地,流行且物美价廉的服饰批发、零售,吸引不少爱美一族来此采购。

• 饶河观光夜市:台北知名观光夜市,两侧商店及骑楼下的摊贩不计其数,因此来到此地的人,无论采买服饰、生活用品或吃喝玩乐,绝对能尽其所欲。

* 集贤商旅或同级

Day 7
Taipei 台北 ✈ Sweet Home 甜蜜的家 (B 早餐)

After breakfast, you are free at leisure till your departure transfer to Taoyuan C.K.S. Airport. Home Sweet Home!


Package Includes 配套包括:

  • 6 Nights Accommodation (Local Star or Similar).6 晚住宿。(当地星级或同等级) 。
  • 6 Breakfast. 6早餐.
  • Sightseeing as per Itinerary.行程列出之景点观光。
  • Return airport transfer. 机场往返交通接送。
  • Daily 11 hours car usage(except arrival and departure day). 每日11小时用车(不含接机与送机日)。

Package Excludes 配套不包括:

  • Return Economy Class Ticket.往返经济舱座机票。
  • Gratuities. 小费。
  • All attraction entrance and DIY experience fees. 所有景点门票与DIY体验费用。
  • Surcharge with other languages guide. 其它语言指南附加费。
  • Hotel surcharge in Peak Season or holidays. 旅游旺季与假期酒店附加费。
  • Travel Insurance (we can help Malaysian to arrange, foreigner please purchase at own country).旅游保险(我们可协助马来西亚国籍旅客办理保险,其他国外旅客请自行在原籍地签购保险配套)。
  • Others personal expenditure are not mention in itinerary.所有不在本行程之内的额外个人开支。
  • The above itineraries are for reference only. The final itinerary can be customized according to the customer’s preferences and requirements.
  • Price Not Applicable in Dragon Boat Festival(22-25/6/2023),Mid-Autumn Festival(29/09~01/10/2023),ROC National Day(07-10/10/2023), Christmas(23~25/12/2023), New Year’s Eve(30/12~01/01/2024)
    上述报价不适用于端午节、中秋节、台湾双十国庆、 圣诞节以及跨年。
  • Any itinerary can request to change same city other hotels and subject to additional charges.
  • This package price valid for 4 to go.

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