Malaysia Travel Tips

1. Shoes must always be removed when entering homes or places of worship such as mosques and temples. Most mosques provide robes and scarves for ladies. Taking photographs at places of worship is usually permitted but it’s best to ask for permission first.

2. While visiting a homestay village, please be respectful of local customs and traditions.

3. When sitting on the floor, men sit cross-legged while women normally sit with their legs tucked to the side.

4. When pointing, it is preferable to use the thumb with the four fingers folded under, rather than the forefinger.

5. To give or receive something, try to use the right hand.Always ask for permission before taking photographs when you are in someone’s home.The country’s large Muslim population does not consume liquor or alcoholic beverages.

6. The weather is generally warm with occasional torrential showers. Cotton clothes, rubber shoes and sun hats are the best.

7. Be respectful when you are at public ceremonies.

8. When taking a taxi, it is always best to determine the rate beforehand.

9. National parks are protected areas and visitors are advised to take note of the strict laws that govern these areas. Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints. A national park conservation fee will be imposed upon entry.

10. The sea can be rough during the monsoon season between October and February. Visitors are advised to practice caution while at the beach, especially if there are children. Established beach resorts continue to operate during this season but smaller chalets on the islands may be closed.

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