Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked country in Central Asia which bordered by five landlocked countries which are Kazakhstan (North), Kyrgyzstan (Northeast), Tajikistan (Southeast), Afghanistan (South) and Turkmenistan (Southwest). Not only that, Uzbekistan also is a two doubly landlocked countries in the world.

Moreover, Uzbekistan also known as Republic of Uzbekistan. Tashkent is the largest capital city of Uzbekistan. Besides that, Uzbekistan is the 56th largest country in the world. Among the CIS countries, Uzbekistan is the 4th largest by area and 2nd largest by population country in the world. In 1924, after national delimitation, the constituent republic of the Soviet Union known as the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic was created. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, it declared independence as the Republic of Uzbekistan on 31 August 1991.

Cultural Tours

In the humanities, one sense of culture as an attribute of the individual has been the degree to which they have cultivated a particular level of sophistication in the arts, sciences, education, or manners.
The level of cultural sophistication has also sometimes been seen to distinguish civilizations from less complex societies. Such hierarchical perspectives on culture are also found in class-based distinctions between a high culture of the social elite and a low culture, popular culture, or folk culture of the lower classes, distinguished by the stratified access to cultural capital.