Gangwon-do & Seoul - 6 Days

6D4N Gangwon – Seoul (MVICN-GV15)
6天4晚 江原道 – 首尔

Valid until 31st Dec 2020

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Tour Highlights 行程亮点:

Specialties Gourmets 特色料理:

  • Ginseng Chicken Soup 人参鸡汤
  • Korean BBQ 韩式烧烤


South Korea is a country in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and sharing a land border with North Korea. South Korea is a highly developed country and the world’s 11th largest economy by nominal GDP. South Korea is a global leader in many technology and innovation driven fields. Since the 21st century, South Korea has been renowned for its globally influential pop culture such as K-pop and TV dramas, a phenomenon referred to as the Korean Wave. (1)

Gangwon-do is blessed with beautiful mountains and clean beaches that offer some of the best sceneries and vacation spots enthusiasts, as the province gets a lot of snow, and because of this, it has been selected as the host city of 2018 Winter Olympics.(2)

Seoul is the capital city of Korea divided into two major areas by the Hangang River. Gangnam(south of the river) and Gangbuk(north of the river). It is a dynamic city that never sleeps, home to many historic sites and fast changing fashion, food and lifestyle trends.(3)

Day 1
Johor Bahru / Singapore 新山 / 新加坡 ✈ Seoul 首尔 (Meal on Board 机上用餐)

Assemble at the Johor Bahru Senai International Airport OR Singapore Changi International Airport and ready to depart for Korea Seoul.


Day 2
Arrive Seoul 抵达首尔 - Gangwon-do 江原道 (B/L/D 早/午/晚餐)

• As arrival to Incheon, the trip begin with the visit at Namsan Octagonal Hall & Love Lock Wall which located in the Namsan Park in Seoul. With situated atop at the Namsan Mountain, Namsan Octagonal Hall offering the views that covering the entirety of Seoul. Down the road standing another iconic building – N Seoul Tower. Along the ground terrace attached to the tower, thousands of locks are hanging. This Love Lock Wall is a romantic pilgrimage for those couples who visit to declare their eternal love.

• Today will trip head east to Gangwon Province and first stop at Nami Island. Nami Island or Namiseom was formed as a result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam. It is a half moon-shaped isle, is famous for its beautiful tree lined roads. Nami Island also is Korean Drama ‘Winter Sonata’ shooting place. At approximately 30 mins bus ride, approached the capital of Gangwon Province, Chuncheon City. Chuncheon Myeongdong Street is located at the heart of downtown Chuncheon, one of the food & shopping paradise in South Korea.

• Traveling further east to Sokcho City, Daepohang Port is an old port with 100 years of history, on the southernmost point of Sokcho. Daepohang Fish Market is a famous seafood market serve with a variety of fresh & dry seafood at reasonable prices.

• The night ended in a stay at Gangwon-do.

• 抵达仁川后,首先参观位于首尔南山公园内的南山八角形大厅爱情锁墙。您可以从南山山顶的南山八角形大厅,一览整个首尔市景。沿路而下,矗立着另一座标志性建筑——南山塔。沿着连接塔的地面平台,悬挂着成千上万的锁。想宣告永恒爱情的情侣都会希望能来到这座爱情锁墙朝圣。

• 今天将向东前往江原道,第一站是南怡岛。南怡岛是由清平水坝的建筑工程而形成的一座半月形小岛,以其四季不同色彩的美丽林荫大道而闻名。值得一提的是,南怡岛也是韩剧《冬季恋歌》的拍摄地。从这里继续乘车30分钟,我们将抵达江原道的春川市,将接着参观位于春川市中心的明洞步行街,这里也是韩国其中一个非常有名的美食与购物天堂。

• 我们再往东走就会抵达位在束草市最南端,具有百年历史的大浦港。这里的大埔鱼市场是著名的海鲜市场,每天都以合理的价格供应各种新鲜渔获与海鲜干料。

• 夜宿江原道酒店。

Day 3
Gangwon-do 江原道 – Seoul 首尔 (B/L/D 早/午/晚餐)

• The morning start with a hiking to Seoraksan National Park. Seoraksan Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountain in Korea, boasting a variety of colorful flowers in spring, refreshing clear water streams in summer, vibrant autumn foliages in fall, and a scenic snow-covered landscape in winter. In August 1982, UNESCO designated the area as a biosphere reserve.

• Located on the slopes of Seoraksan, Sinheungsa Temple is an ancient temple with deep historical significance. In addition to all the natural beauty surrounding the temple is the masterful 18.9 meter Tall Bronze Statue of the Buddha.

• Back from the serenity of Seoraksan, is time to unveil the hidden beauty of the East Sea. Oeongchi Walkway, a 2 km walkway has been established along the coast. The trail starts at Sokcho Beach, passes along the Oeongchi coast and ends at Oeongchi Harbor, offering the freshness of the turquoise-blue ocean all along the walkway.

• A change from the natural landscape to the awestruck amazing modernize architecture is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is the newest and most iconic landmark of the Korean design industry. Located at the center of the Dongdaemun area. The DDP designed by a world-renowned architect, Zaha Hadid and become one of the favorite places for filming locations like the SBS drama ‘You Who Came from the Stars’.

• The night ended in a stay at Seoul Hotel.

• 今早我们的行程从攀爬雪岳山国家公园开始。雪岳山是韩国最美的山脉之一,春天百花盛开,夏天溪水清冽,秋天有生机勃勃的秋叶,冬天则是白雪覆盖的美景。1982年8月,联合国教科文组织将这里列入生物圈保护区。


• 从宁静的雪岳山回程,就轮到发掘东海隐藏之美的时刻了。这段拥有碧绿色的海洋美景的地方,就是从束草海滩开始,沿着海岸线,途径大江池岸到大江池港,长达2公里的大江池步道

• 从自然景观到震撼人心的现代化建筑,我们接着参观东大门设计广场(DDP)是韩国设计行业最新最具标志性的地标。位于东大门地区的中心位置,由世界著名建筑师札哈·哈蒂设计的东大门广场,也是韩国其中一个备受欢迎的拍摄地点,例如SBS电视剧《来自星星的你》就曾在这里取景。

• 夜宿首尔酒店。

Day 4
Seoul 首尔 (B/L/D 早/午/晚餐)

• Seoul is a historic and cultural city, therefore visiting a historical royal palace is a must. Deoksugung Palace is one of five royal palaces remained in Seoul, built by the king of Joseon Dynasty. The name Deoksugung Palace means “Palace of virtue and longevity” in the spirit of praying for long life for Emperor Gojong. Deoksugung Palace is special among Korean palaces. Located at the corner of Seoul’s busiest downtown intersection, it has a modern and a western style garden and fountain. The Changing of the Royal Guard, in front of Daehanmun (Gate) is a very popular event you never miss.

• After mesmerize by the historical old glories day, a good shopping trip is needed to remind of the amazing present. National Ginseng Shop & Hoganbao Shop are where the place that you can get the Korean famous herbs supplement with quality assurance. Next stop at the Cosmetic Gallery is where you can get Korean beauty products.

• Kimchi, the soul of Korean cuisine, is a famous traditional side dish and the main ingredient for most of the Korean cooking. A stop at the Seaweed Museum beside introduce the making of seaweed, also offering a taste of the culture of Korean lifestyle, DIY Kimchi and Hanbok Experience, wearing a traditional Korean formal costume and take as many photos as you like.

• If you are tired of the meals that arrange and want to start your own food adventure, Myeongdong is the place that you need. This popular district features street food carts, major shopping malls and entertainment. Myeongdong is one of the primary shopping districts in Seoul. Many branded shops and department stores line the streets and alleys. One of them is the famous Lotte Department Store. The store offers everything from everyday household goods to international luxury brands, along with a Duty Free Shop and restaurants.

• The night ended in a stay at Seoul Hotel.

• 首尔是一个历史文化名城,因此绝对不能错过参观历史悠久的皇宫。德寿宫是首尔现存的五个皇家宫殿之一,由朝鲜王朝皇帝所建造。德寿宫的含义为“祈求皇帝长寿”,这位皇帝就是朝鲜高宗。德寿宫是韩国皇宫中较为特殊的一座。它位于首尔最繁华的市区十字路口的拐角处,拥有现代化的西式花园和喷泉。 观看大汉门(大门)前面的皇家卫队换岗,是您不会想要错过的活动。

• 经历迷失在古老辉煌的历史洪流中的一天之后,我们需要来个愉快的购物体验才能把您带回到现代。在国家人参与护肝宝专卖店,您可以购得品质优良的韩国著名草药保健品 。接着,您也能在化妆品陈列馆购买到优质的韩国美容产品。

• 泡菜是韩国料理的灵魂,是著名的传统配菜,并且为大多数韩国料理的主要原料。参观海带博物馆,您在认识海带的制作过程,也可以体验韩国文化和生活方式,你可以自己动手做泡菜试穿韩服,并在这里随心所欲的拍照留影。

• 如果您厌倦了每天的团餐安排,想要展开自己的美食之旅,那么明洞就是您所需要的地方。明洞是首尔的主要购物区,这里以众多街头餐车、大型购物中心和娱乐场而受到欢迎。明洞的大街小巷遍布名牌商店和百货商店,其中以乐天百货公司最为著名。这家店提供从日常家居用品到国际奢侈品牌的各种商品,还有免税店和餐厅。

• 夜宿首尔酒店。

Day 5
Seoul 首尔 – Free & Easy 自由活动 (B 早餐)

This is the day you can choose to be chill & relax or to join the optional day tour that offer.

There are two options for you to choose :

• If you want to have understand deeper in the history of Korean War, a trip to Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center (Minimum 10 pax & above booking @ RM350 per person ) is recommended – a former U.S. army base situated just south of the heavily guarded demilitarized zone(DMZ) that separates Korea and transform into a peace-themed tourism hub; and for the adventures seeker,

Gwangmyeongdonggul Cave (Minimum 10 pax & above booking @ RM350 per person ) -is a place you will have fun – the largest themed cave park with varied cultural and artistic things, created in a mine where gold, silver, and bronze were mined. Both trip will ended by dropping you in Gwangjang Market, one of the Korea’s largest traditional markets and is renowned for its quality silk goods, linen bedding and hand-made goods. The street food section also become the one of the main attraction for the market. This is the ultimate places to experience traditional Korean street food and culture all under one delicious roof.

• If you are not fancy for options or already tired of the tour coach & tour guide, this is the best day to get rid of them! You can digging further into the hidden gems in Seoul with your own tempo, do some more shopping or have a relaxing day in some cafes or pubs.

• The night ended in a stay at Seoul Hotel.



• 如果您想更深入了解朝鲜战争,建议您参加格里夫斯营地DMZ体验中心行程(每人马币350,最少10人出发)-这个位于密守的非军事区(DMZ)南部的前美军基地,目前为一个以和平为主题的旅游中心。


• 对于热衷寻求冒险的人,光明洞窟(每人马币350,最少10人出发)会是个有趣的选择,这里是最大的主题洞穴公园,拥有多种文化和艺术特色,是在开采金,银和铜的矿山中创建的。


• 如果您不想参与上述两个行程,或者已经厌倦了跟大队出游,那么今天您可以用自己的节奏进一步挖掘首尔的隐秘瑰宝,可以尽情购物,也可以在咖啡馆或酒吧放松一下。

• 夜宿首尔酒店。

Day 6
Seoul 首尔 ✈ Johor Bahru / Singapore 新山 / 新加坡 (B/Meal on Board 早餐/机上用餐)

• Starting the last day of your Seoul trip with the hotel breakfast and a brief shopping at another herbs supplement shop, Red Pine. Hongdae(Hongik University Street) is the next destination to explore. Unique cafes, cozy galleries, accessory stores, the art market and gourmet eateries makes Hongdae a popular hangout for local youth and a fascinating place to walk around. If you travel within 03 to 15 April 2020, a trip to Hongdae will change to Seoul Yeouido Park walking tour, each year Yeouido Park will held a Cherry Blossom Festival to celebration is famous for its 1,886 Korean Cherry trees.

• After the last minute shopping for the souvenirs at the Local Product Shop, the trip ended with transferring to airport for flight back to Johor Bahru/Singapore.

• 在首尔的最后一天,我们从享用酒店早餐开始,早餐后将到另一家草药保健品店红松做短暂购物。接着前往弘大(弘益大学街)观光。弘大因为聚集许多独特的咖啡馆、舒适的画廊、饰品店、艺术市场和美食餐厅而受到首尔年轻人的追捧。如果您参加的是2020年4月3日至15日期间抵达的旅行团,弘大行程将改为前往汝矣岛公园参加一年一度的樱花节。这个庆祝活动以种植于此约1,886棵韩国樱桃树而闻名。

• 在土产店做最后的购物后便结束本次旅行,您将被送往机场搭乘飞机返回温暖的家。

Package Includes 配套包括:

  • Return Economy Class Ticket.<br class=""/>往返经济舱机票。
  • Return MPV transfer for Depart Singapore flight.<br class=""/>往返新加坡机场出发航班MPV交通。
  • 4 Nights Hotel Accommodation (Local 4Star Hotel).<br class=""/>4晚酒店住宿(当地4星级酒店)。
  • 4 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches & 2 Dinners.<br class=""/>4早餐、3午餐与2晚餐。
  • Sightseeing as per Itinerary.<br class=""/>行程中所列明之景点观光。
  • Whole trip transport.<br class=""/>全程交通载送服务。
  • Mandarin speaking guide.<br class=""/>中文导游服务。
  • Guide + Driver Tipping<br class=""/>导游+司机小费。
  • Travel Insurance (for Malaysian only).<br class=""/>旅游保险(只限马来西亚国籍旅客)。

Package Excludes 配套不包括:

  • Others personal expenditure are not mention in itinerary.<br class=""/>所有不在本行程之内的额外个人开支。
  • Optional Tour on Free Day.<br class=""/>自由活动天-自费附加行程。
  • In the event of local religious festival unforeseen circumstances and/ bad weather conditions, the sequences of the itinerary may be changed or substituted in by Alternative sites without prior notice and/or at short notice in order to ensure smoother journey and tour.
  • Any discrepancies travel, the Chinese Version will be used as the standard.
  • A minimum group size of 15 passengers is required for a confirmed departure.

**High season surcharge for ground fee (Based on arrival Day)

  • Spring season(06Apr~06May/2020) : RM 70.00/Pax
  • Korea Summer School Holiday(24July~16Aug/2020) : RM140.00/Pax
  • Mid Autumn Festival(Chuseok Holiday 28Sep~04Oct/2020) : RM140.00/Pax
    中秋节(秋夕 2020年9月28日至10月4日):每人140马币
  • Autumn Maple leaf season(05Oct~15Nov2020) : RM 70.00/Pax

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