The Raub district is one of the oldest town situated in west of Pahang and between two range, Titiwangsa Range and Benom Mountain Range. It was explored and founded in the 18th century. It is a historic gold mining settlement. According to the history, it was named Raub after a group of miners found a handful of gold in every tray of sand they dig.

This is described by J. A. Richardson in his book, The Geology and Mineral Resources of the Neighbourhood of Raub Pahang. According to him on page 36, “People found that for every “dulang” of sand there was a handful (raub) of gold.” Referring to the old folks tale in the early 19th century, an old man and his two sons discovered gold every time they scooped up the earth in Raub. Thus, the town and the district derived their name from the Malay word raub which means “scoop”.

Raub experiences a temperature range between 20 and 30 °C annually and an average rainfall about 200 mm, and is home to Fraser’s Hill.

According to the information we had collected, things can do at RAUB as below.


  1. Chai Tofu Factory
  2. Fa Hua Shan Goddess of Mercy Temple
  3. Fraser Hill
  4. Lata Berembun
  5. Raub Heritage Trail
  6. Raub Musang King Durian Orchard
  7. Sin Loong Peanut Factory
  8. SMK Sungai Ruan Wall Mural
  9. Sungai Lui Goddess of Mercy Temple
  10. Tras Road Chinese Temple


  1. Raub Lake Park
  2. Pulau Chekas
  3. Pine Tree Trail
  4. Natural Farming
  5. Maxwell Trail
  6. Lata Lembik Recreational Park
  7. Lata Jarum Recreational Forest/Waterfall
  8. Lata Berembun
  9. Jeriau Waterfall
  10. Hemmant Trail
  11. Gua Kechil
  12. Cheroh Aquatic Fish Farm
  13. Bishop Trail
  14. Allan’s Water
  15. Abu Suradi Trail


  1. Jeram Besu Rapid
  2. Kem Sangka
  3. Sungai Pasu Recreation Centre
  4. Tasik Ria Kundang Puah Recreational Centre
  5. The Paddock

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