The newest addition to the Johorean districts is Tangkak. Tangkak is the principal town and capital of Tangkak District in Johor, Malaysia. The town is nicknamed “Fabric Town” or “Syurga Kain” in honour of its many textile shops. The district was once the northern part of the Muar district, separated from the southern part by the river that bore the parent district’s name.

It is also well known as being a major entry point to Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir), which is the highest mountain in Johor. The mountain is clearly visible from any part of Tangkak.

According to the information we had collected, things can do at TANGKAK as below.


  1. Mee Siput Kak Chik Enterprise
  2. Sri Sakthi Ashram (Tangkak)
  3. Tangkak Textiles


  1. Gunung Ledang National Park
  2. Gunung Ledang Rainforest (Mount Ophir)

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