Bentong District is a district located in western Pahang, Malaysia. Bentong covers an area of 1,831 km² and includes the hill resort of Genting Highlands and Bukit Tinggi. The original main street going into Bentong town has been modified to a dual carriageway. It is bordered by Selangor on the west and Negeri Sembilan on the south.

Now Bentong Town has been declared as the first “Fresh Air Lung Washing” destination in the country.

Bentong has many light and medium industries, including timber factories, food industries and electronic components assembly factory. It also has one multinational copper wire factory which is the biggest in the country.

According to the information we had collected, things can do at BENTONG as below.


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  2. Bentong Street Art Murals
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  4. Berjaya Hills Resort
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  6. Bukit Tinggi Resort
  7. Chinese Temple Kwong Fook
  8. Colmar Tropical French Themed Resort
  9. Four Face Buddha
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  13. Kedai Buku Lauu
  14. Kicap Bentong Sdn Bhd Soy Sauce Factory
  15. Lai Seng Tofu Puff
  16. Lurah Bilut Felda
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  18. Telemong Ginger Powder


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  3. Botanical Garden
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  5. Gunung Bunga Buah
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  7. Kechara Forest Retreat
  8. Kolam Air Panas Bentong
  9. Lata Hammer Waterfall
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  12. Suria Hot Springs
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  3. First World Plaza
  4. Genting Premium Outlets
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  6. TF Value-Mart Supermarket

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