Discover Hainan’s Wonders Tour (2023) - 5 Days

5D4N Hainan (Haikou, Danzhou-Ocean Flower Island, Sanya, Xinglong) (Tour Code: CHO)
5天4晚 海南岛(海口,儋州-海花岛,三亚,兴隆)

Price Per PersonFrom RM 2,898

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Guaranteed Departure 铁定出发:
2023: Nov 12 | Dec 10

Tour Highlights 行程亮点

Special Gourmet 特色美食:

  • Hainan Three famous Dishes (Dongshan Lamb, Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck),
    Nanshan Vegetarian Dishes, Lobster Orabalone Seafood Meal.
  • 海南三大名菜(东山羊、文昌鸡、加积鸭)、海南山生态素斋、 龙虾或鲍鱼海鲜风味。

3 Shopping Stop 全程将进3购物站:
✓ Dried Seafood Shop 海味馆
✓ Tea Shop 茶叶馆
✓ Health Shop or Darentang Shop 养生馆或达仁堂

For inquiries more details or other China tour packages, please contact our customer service through the following methods. 欲询问此配套更多详情或更多其他中国旅游配套详情,敬请透过以下方式联系客服。


Hainan Island, located in the southern part of China, is known as the “Hawaii of the East” due to its tropical climate, pristine beaches, and stunning natural beauty. In recent years, Hainan has undergone significant development, becoming a popular tourist destination with new attractions to explore.

海南岛位于中国南部,因其热带气候、原始海滩和迷人的自然美景而被誉为“东方夏威夷”。 近年来,海南取得了长足的发展,成为热门的旅游目的地,并有新的探索点。


Day 1
Departure 吉隆坡 ✈ Haikou 海口 (MOB 机上用餐/ D 晚餐)

Day 2
Haikou 海口 -147km- Danzhou 儋州(B 早/L 午餐)

Haikou Arcaded Streets – It is a street landscape with the most Nanyang architectural style in Haikou City. Visit the Qilou Snack Street, where more than 1,000 special snacks display “Hainan on the tip of the tongue”. people attractions.

Hainan Museum – Allow you to know more in depth about Hainan Island where the museum has a total of 10 exhibition halls from Nan Poor Ge, Fangwai FengJiang & Between Immortal & Immortal. Also , there are more than 1000 cultural rellics are exhibited making you fee like travelling through a tunnel of space.

Hainan Tropical Safari park – sit on the tour coach and enter the beast area, experience the wonderful feeling of “human in the cage of beasts”. There are African Giraffe Paradise, Quest Dinosaur Park, Lion and Tiger Beast Family, Monkey Mountain, Tropical Black Bear Valley, African Lion Park and so on.

Panda House – lived with Two half-brothers from Sichuan, Gonggong and Yi, through the glass mirror, you can see the real life of the cutie Panda.

Ocean Flower Island – an Island made up of three independent, flower-shaped islets. Of these, Ocean Flower Island 1 complex is one of the among 3 complexes was designed as a one-stop international holiday destination. It has 28 major business hubs that include an international conference and exhibition center, as well as a museum complex, a fairy-tale world, a water park, a botanic garden, a wedding manor*, hot springs , culinary street and an international shopping plaza.

*light show is subject to the control Island management, no compensation not refund should the show cancel

骑楼老街 – 是海口市一处最具南洋建筑风格特色的街道景观,参观骑楼小吃街,1000多种特色小吃在这里展示“舌尖上的海南”,节假日食客如云更是将这里变成了海口的“万人景点”。

海南省博物馆 – 让您在离开前对海南岛有所了解,博物馆共10大展厅,分“南溟乏舸”“方外封疆”“仙凡之间”三大主题,展出文物1000多件,让您仿佛穿越时空隧道, 领略海南岛的历史奇观,古代文明及海南岛人的精神。

海南热带野生动植物园 – 乘坐游览车进入猛兽区内穿行,充分体验“人在笼中兽在外”奇妙感觉。有非洲长颈鹿乐园、探秘恐龙园、狮虎兽家族、猴山、热 带黑熊谷、非洲狮园等景观。

熊猫馆 – 2018年11月10日海南热带野生动植物园从四川引进了两只同父异母的熊猫兄弟,贡贡和舜舜,透过玻璃镜,可以看看可爱的熊猫宝宝的真实生活。

海花岛 – 该岛由三个独立的离岸式岛屿组成,规划平面形态为盛开在海中的三朵花,故取名为“海花岛”。海花 1 号岛为国际旅游岛,涵盖国际会议中心、国际会展中心、别墅酒店、欧堡酒店、希尔顿酒店、影视酒店、童话世界、雪山水上王国、海洋乐园、珍奇特色植物园、植物奇珍馆、五国温泉城、婚礼庄园(观赏灯光秀)*、影视基地、 恒大嘉凯影城、博物馆、歌剧院、音乐厅、娱乐中心、国际购物中心、风情商业街、明清风情饮食街、茗茶酒吧街、游艇俱乐部 等 28 大业 态,建成后将成为全球人向往的文化旅游胜地。

Day 3
Danzhou 儋州 -271km- Sanya 三亚 (B 早/L 午/D 晚餐)

Explore around Ocean Flower Island

Xiangshui Wan (pass by)

The National Rice Park (Include Buggy Ride) – get close to the earth, appreciate the artistic conception of the harmony between man and nature, experience the visual shock of a thousand acres of rice, understand the whole process from planting to harvest, understand the history of rice culture and culture in China for thousands of years, and experience farming in the fields pleasure. There are 6km long wooden walkway on the paddy fields, allows tourist to get close with the seasonal flowers such as Garden of Cannabis, Sulphur Chrysanthemum Garden, Gesang Garden, Dragon Boat Garden, Bougainvillea Garden, Lagerstroemia Garden, Lotus Garden……Romantic flowers spread all over the land, with unexpected excitement and pleasure of funs!

Beauty Crown Grand Theater (pass by)



水稻国家公园(含电瓶车)– 水稻公园主体为水稻田景区,其中包括袁隆平水稻试验田。园区的周边布局了风情小镇、农耕博物馆、民间艺术美术展馆、大型实景演出舞台、乡村主题酒店、商业街、水稻风情摄影基地等配套措施。水稻公园是依托国家海岸优势资源,以海南黎族文化为特色,并融入了民俗体验、生态休闲、康体养生、科普教育、农业生产等功能。


Day 4
Sanya 三亚 -114km- Xinglong 兴隆 -197km- Haikou 海口 (B 早/L 午/D 晚餐)

Coconut Dream Corridor (pass by)

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone (Include Buggy Ride) – Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone features three theme parks: Buddhism Culture Park, Blessing and Longevity Park and Hainan Custom Culture Park.

South China sea Guanyin Statue

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden – It is a good place to get touch with exotic experience. It possesses more than 1200 plant species, such as coffee, pepper, cocoa, dragon trees, etc.. Here is regarded as a hot destination and furthermore dedicated to issues related to botany and environmental protection in cooperation with agricultural authorities in China.

The West Coast Strip Park (Pass by)


南山文化旅游区(含电瓶车)– 南山是一个极富灵感与灵气的风水宝地,依山傍海,高达108米的世界级、世纪级南海海上观音就建在南山的海面上。您可以 在这里沐浴佛光,拜佛祈福,享用南山素斋,神游长寿谷,眺望海上观音之神韵。

兴隆南药植物园 – 建于1960年,由中国医学科学院药用植物研究所海南分所引种建设,海南分所是海南省唯一从事南药的资源保护、引种栽培和开发利用的国家级研究单位。作为3A级景区,目前已经沦为推销精油、面膜等化妆品的旅游点。

• 西海岸带状公园(车游)

Day 5
Haikou 海口 - Arrival 吉隆坡 (B 早/MOB 机上用餐)

After your breakfast, then proceed to Haikou airport , soon it will end your perfect tour of Hainan.


Package Includes 配套包括:

  • Return economy class flight ticket 往返经济舱机票
  • 2 Night at Local 4★ Haikou hotel, 1 Night Local 4★ Danzhou Hotel, 1 Night Local 4★, Sanya hotel or Similar Class. 2晚 海口当地4★酒店, 1晚 儋州当地5★酒店,1晚 三亚当地4★酒店。
  • Meals stated as per itinerary 行程中列明餐食
  • Malaysia departure levy, airport tax, YQ fuel 马来西亚出境税、机场税、燃油附加费
  • Return airport transfer 往返机场接送
  • All excursions and sightseeing as per itinerary 行程中包括的所有观光活动和景点参观
  • Gratuity 小费
  • Travel Insurance 旅游保险
  • Tour Guide Service 导游服务

Package Excludes 配套不包括:

  • Meals no state in itinerary. 行程中行程没有列明的午、晚餐
  • Hotel porter gratuity. 酒店行李员小费
  • Others personal expenditure are not mention in itinerary. 所有不在本行程之内的额外个人开支。
  • Ocean Flower Island Castle Hotel (No triple room): For 3 person booking have to add RM180/pax to get 1 more room.
  • Apply group visa (organized by the tourist travel agency in Hainan)
  • For passengers who apply Hainan group visa will be invalid once the passport is renewed.
  • Please inform a minimum of 14 working days before departure if any renewal passport for group visa amendment.
  • Additional surcharge : RM400 / pax for foreigner and non-chinese (Malay & India)
  • China passport holder (can’t join)
  • The itinerary is for reference only and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance with local requirements.
  • All pictures are for illustration purposes only.
  • 1 adult & 1 child share a room, the child is the same price as an adult.
  • Full payment will be collected upon confirmation.

5D4N Discover Hainan's Wonders Tour Route

Currency & Exchange Rate 货币兑换率

10 CNY 元 = MYR 马币 6.70

Voltage & Power Socket 电压与插座

● Voltage 电压 – almost always 220 V 伏特
● 类型/ Type A – 两脚扁型插头/ 2 flat blade pin
● 类型/ Type B – 两脚扁型+一圆型插头/ 2 flat blade pin + 1 round pin
● 类型/ Type I – 八字扁型脚+接地孔 / 3 Oblique flat blade pin “V-shape”

Time Different 时差

China – No time different with Malaysia
中国 – 时间与马来西亚时间标准时无相差

Luggage Allowance 行李托运

Each individual are entitled to check in 1 luggage of not more than 20 kg and a hand carry bag not more than 7 kg.

Weather 气候

● Summer 夏季
1月 – 12月(Jan to Dec): 25℃ ~ 30℃

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