Tour of the Dragon Kingdom Bhutan - 7 Days

7 Days 6 Nights Tour of the Dragon Kingdom Bhutan(MVPBH-GV04)

4 to go (4人成行)

  • Per Person Low Season Price all in at RM 9,788.00(Fixed Departure Date : 06 Aug; 08, 15, 20 Dec 2020)
  • Per Person Peak Season Price all in at RM10,688.00(Fixed Departure Date : 09 Apr; 27 Sep; 12 Nov 2020)

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  • Bhutanese Yuk or Chicken Burger 不丹Yuk或鸡肉汉堡
  • Chilli Cheese 芝士辣椒
  • Bhutanese Organic Cuisine 有机不丹餐

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Bhutan is a small landlocked country in South Asia which located in Eastern Himalayas with bordered by Tibetan Autonomous Region of China (North), Sikkim India and Chumbi Valley Tibet (West), Arunachal Pradesh (East), Assam and West Bengal (South). Thimpu is the largest capital city of Bhutan. (1)

Bhutan also known as Kingdom of Bhutan or “The Last Shangrila” which is a tiny and remote kingdom nestling in the Himalayas between India and China. It also is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation and profound teaching of traditional Buddhist culture in the world. The Butanese name for Bhutan “Druk Yul” means “The Land of the Thunder Dragon” in year 1970. (2)

Bhutan also developed as “Gross National Happiness” country based on the well – being of their country citizens and country gross domestic product. Bhutan also produce Low Carbon Footprint, Natural Harvest and Sustainable Produce such as Bhutan Lemongrass Spray, Bhutan K5 Whiskey and Bhutan Wild Cordyceps although their country land is fertile and the population is small. (3)

Bhutanese greetings commonly used to say hello to each other
Day 1
SINGAPORE ✈ GUWAHATI ✈ PARO > THIMPHU 新加坡 ✈ 古瓦哈蒂 ✈ 帕罗 > 廷布 (D 晚餐)

• Check in Changi Airport for departure flight to Paro, Bhutan.

• Upon arrival transfer to hotel and rest for the day.

Overnight: Thimphu

• 在新加坡樟宜机场集合,搭乘客机前往帕罗,不丹。

• 抵达后与导游机场会合。入住酒店稍作休息。


Day 2
THIMPHU 廷布 (B / L / D 早 / 午/ 晚餐)

Zorig Chusum National Institute – commonly known as ‘The Painting School’, operates four to six-year courses that provide instruction in Bhutan’s 13 traditional arts.

Note: If School closes, it will replace by Weaving Centre.

The National Library– which holds a vast collection of ancient Buddhist manuscripts.

Folk Heritage Museum -This museum provides glimpse into the traditional Bhutanese life. The artifacts which are kept inside the house remind the visitors about how the rural Bhutanese live today.

Traditional Handmade Paper Factory.

Tashichho Dzong (Parliament House) – is a Buddhist monastery and the head of Bhutan’s civil government, an office which has been combined with the kingship since the creation of the monarchy in 1907.

Overnight: Thimphu.

不丹国家绘画艺术学院 – 参观学生在这里学习不丹的13种传统手工艺。

备注: 如适逢学校关闭,将以纺织中心取代。

国家图书馆 – 这里摆放着古代佛教手稿。

民俗博物馆 – 深度感受不丹迷人的传统文化。


扎西确宗 – 现为不丹政府总部与宗教中心,也是不丹境内最大的寺庙。宏伟的中央金塔仍维持改建前的原貌,巨大的不丹特殊风格建筑物中,除了有国王及政府高级官员的办公室外,也是喇嘛们做为研修、居住的的寺院,是不丹政治、宗教重要的活动場所。


Day 3
THIMPHU - PUNAKHA - THIMPHU 廷布 – 普那卡 - 廷布 (B / L: Punakha River Picnic / D 早 / 午:普那卡河边野餐 / 晚餐)

Dochula Pass (3150m) – this hill of 108 religious buildings in the middle of the pass reflects Bhutan’s spiritual and artistic traditions.

Punakha River Picnic Lunch.

Punakha Dzong – often refers to as the ‘palace of Happiness’, is the second oldest and second largest dzong in Bhutan.

Chimi Lhakhang – also known as the Fertility Temple, the single building site was originally built in 1499 on a short hill that had been blessed by rogue Buddhist leader Drukpa Kunley, known as the “Divine Madman”.

Overnight: Thimphu.

都楚拉隘口 – 观赏“108塔佛座”。这些佛塔被称为(“楚克旺耶纪念碑”)是2005年不丹政府为了纪念在剿灭不丹南部阿萨姆反政府武装中丧生的英烈。同时也为祈祷世界和平所建。


普那卡宗 – 不丹第二座大城堡也是全国最美丽园的宗堡与幸福圣殿也是不丹重要的的佛教胜地。

切米拉康 – 此地为求子圣地有多年无子信徒在此地得喇嘛赐福后,回去即有身孕,又称为求子庙。


Day 4

Kuensel Phodrang (Buddha Point) – the sitting Buddha statue which is 167 feet high and situated on top of a hill overlooking the City of Thimphu.

National Memorial Chorten – is one of the most prominent religious structures located in Bhutan’s capital city of Thimphu.

Motithang Takin Preserve (Mini Zoo) – a wildlife reserve area for Takin -the national animal of Bhutan.

Overnight: Thimphu.

不丹大佛 – 在这里可以俯瞰廷布城市全景大佛高51米,据说这是不丹最大的一尊最大的释迦摩尼坐像。

不丹国家纪念碑 – 是廷布的标志。这是一个既为纪念已故国王同时为世界和平而建的纪念碑,也是廷布人每日转塔最集中的地方。

塔金迷你动物园 – 观看不丹的国兽 – 塔金,这种羊头牛身的动物只在不丹能够看见。


Day 5
THIMPHU 廷布 - PARO 帕罗 (B / L / D 早 / 午/ 晚餐)

Rinchen Pung Dzong – usually called Rinpung Dzong, means Fortress on Heap of Jewels as it was built with stones rather than clay.

Ta Dzong – a cylindrical seven-storey atchi-tower built in 1649 that is now the National Museum of Bhutan.

Overnight: Paro.

帕罗宗 – 也叫日清蓬宗堡,意为“堡垒上的珠宝堆”,是不丹最为知名的寺庙之一,也是不丹经典建筑的代表,始建于1644年。

塔宗 – 瞭望塔的“塔宗”1968年被不丹政府改为国家博物馆藏有多达3000件艺术品。


Day 6
PARO 帕罗 (B / L / D 早 / 午/ 晚餐)

Taktsang Monastery – Tiger‘s Nest is Bhutan’s most iconic landmark and religious site.(Note : Pony ride own Expenses-USD30 per pony one way up to half hill.) The hike up to the view point will take about 1.5 hours and from there you will enjoy a spectacular view of the monastery clinging to the side of the cliff. The walk further up to the monastery which will take about 1 hour.

Local Farm House.

Kyichu Lhakang – the first and oldest temple of the Bhutan, which the place where the famous Hong Kong actor Tony Leong held his wedding ceremony.

Overnight: Paro.

虎穴寺 – 是不丹国内最神圣的佛教寺庙被誉为世界十大超级寺庙之一。您可以选择攀登或者自费骑马上山(美金三十元) 单程。




Day 7
PARO ✈ GUWAHATI ✈ SINGAPORE 帕罗 ✈ 古瓦哈蒂 ✈ 新加坡 ( B : Packed / 早餐:餐盒)

Head to airport for flight back to Singapore.

告别精彩的幸福王国 – 不丹,送往机场乘坐飞机返回新加坡

Package Includes 配套包括:

  • Return Economy Class Ticket with Druk Air (Royal Bhutan Airline)<br class=""/>往返经济舱座机票。
  • Visa for Bhutan.<br class=""/>不丹签证。
  • 6 Nights 4* Hotel Accommodation (Local Star Hotel).<br class=""/>6晚在地4星级酒店住宿。
  • Daily 3 Meals (B/L/D) at designated Local Restaurants.<br class=""/>全程膳食。
  • Sightseeing as per Itinerary.<br class=""/>行程列出之景点观光。
  • Entry Fees & Road Permits.<br class=""/>入境费和道路准证。
  • Government Fee, Royalty, Taxes & Surcharges.<br class=""/>政府费用、版税费、税费和附加费。
  • Mineral Bottled Water.<br class=""/>矿泉瓶装水。
  • Whole Trip Transfer Service with Experience Driver.<br class=""/>全程交通载送服务。
  • Professional Tour Guide with English Speaking.<br class=""/>专业导游接待。
  • Travel Insurance (for Malaysian only, foreigner please purchase at own country).<br class=""/>旅游保险(只限马来西亚国籍旅客办理保险,其他国外旅客请自行在原籍地签购保险配套)。
  • Tipping for Guide & Driver.<br class=""/>当地导游司机小费。

Package Excludes 配套不包括:

  • Luggage porter service, USD 2 / pax / day (Adult & Child).<br class=""/>当地行李小费- 美金 2 元每人每天(大人或小孩)。
  • Others personal expenditure are not mention in itinerary.<br class=""/>所有不在本行程之内的额外个人开支。
  • Tiger Nest Pony ride at own expense – USD30 per Pony, one way up to half hill only) <br class=""/>虎穴寺自费骑马上到半山-美金30 每人/1匹马{只限单程“上山”}。


  • In the event of local religious festival unforeseen circumstances and/ bad weather conditions, the sequences of the itinerary may be changed or substituted in by Alternative sites without prior notice and/or at short notice in order to ensure smoother journey and tour.
  • Any discrepancies travel, the English Version will be used as the standard.
  • Pony Ride by Own Expenses: Tiger’ Nest Monastery Pony Ride to Half Hill One Way @ USD30 per person (Duration : 1 hr)
  • 当地旅行社有权视当地的情况更改行程次序,酒店住宿或膳食。
  • 如有差异,将以英文版行程为标准。
  • 自费项目:单程每人美金30元骑马登山到虎穴寺半山腰


1. Visa Requirement 签证

• All tourist(except citizen of India, Pakistan and Maldives) enter Bhutan need a Visa

• 所有旅客(印度、巴基斯坦和马尔代夫国籍除外)入境不丹皆需办理签证

2. Time Difference 时差

• Bhutan 02hrs behind Malaysia time

• 不丹比马来西亚慢2小时

3. Currency 货币

Tourist can only exchange Bhutanese Ngultrum in Bhutan please bring USD for exchange purpose.

• USD 1 = NU 73

• MYR 1 = NU 18

• SGD 1 = NU 53

4. Travel Distance (Estimated) 旅行距离(预估)

• PARO > THIMPHU (1 hr)


• PUNAKHA > GANGTEY (2 hrs 40 mins)
• PUNAKHA > PARO (1 hr)

• 帕罗 > 廷布(1小时)

• 廷布 > 普那卡(3小时)

• 普那卡 > 岗提(2小时40分)

• 普那卡 > 帕罗(1小时)

5. Electricity 电源

230 Voltage / 3 round pin

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