5天4晚 山海时光·奇趣(2024) - 5 Days

5天4晚 山海时光·奇趣(VIP 级度假体验:豪华 VIP 三排座椅旅游巴士)
5D4N Mountain and Sea Moments: Wonders and Fun (VIP Vacation Experience: Luxury VIP Three-Row Seat Tour Bus)

2024 年6 月—8 月的出发日期
Jun-Aug. 2024 Depature Dates
一价全包团每人团费, 旅游旺季大人小孩同价
All-inclusive tour package: same price per person for adults and children during peak season.
Per Adult
  • 6月 June – 01 / 08 / 15 / 22/29
  • 7月 July –  06/ 13 / 20 / 27
  • 8月 August – 03 / 10 / 17 / 24
RM2,588 RM2,588 RM2,588 RM3,038

行程亮点 Tour Highlight:

  • 搭乘峇迪航空,新山直飞海南岛包机,含20 公斤寄舱行李+机上用餐
    Fly directly from Johor Bahru to Hainan Island with Batik Air(with 20 kg of checked baggage+in-flight meals).
  • 入住精选【5星酒店】,保证您舒适的休息
    Stay at selected 5-star hotels, ensuring a comfortable rest.
  • 体验原生态【牙胡梯田 – 含电瓶车 】千亩层叠错落的壮丽景色,【五指山】热带雨林风光
  • Experience the pristine beauty of Yahu Terraces (includes electric vehicle) with its vast and magnificent layered landscapes, and the tropical rainforest scenery of Wuzhishan (Five Finger Mountain).
  • 探访【槟榔谷】,感受黎族苗族文化部落魅力,海南民族文化的“活化石”
    Visit Binglanggu Hainan Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park to experience the charm of the Li and Miao cultural villages.
  • 「兴隆咖啡谷(赠送咖啡一杯)」,品浓浓咖啡香,感受深深侨乡情
    Explore Xinglong Coffee Valley (includes a complimentary cup of coffee)
  • 「南山景区(含电瓶车)」抱佛脚,登108 米南山海上观音莲花宝座,顶礼佛足、吉祥祈福
    At Nanshan Scenic Area (includes electric vehicle ride), touch the Buddha’s foot, climb the 108-meter Guanyin statue, and pray for good fortune.
  • 打卡1600 亿打造的「海花岛」,玩转美食街、婚礼庄园……等等
    Check- in the 160 billion RMB Ocean Flower Island, where you can enjoy the food street, wedding garden, and more.
  • 椰子鸡火锅、文昌鸡风味……等等,打卡美食,品味“舌尖上的海南”!
    Indulge in local delicacies like coconut chicken hotpot and Wenchang chicken, savoring the authentic flavors of “Hainan on the tip of your tongue!”
  • 餐食升級:灰常哇塞的「无限量海鲜烤肉吃到饱」,绝对会让你得到一次味蕾上的满足!
    Dining upgrade: Enjoy an unlimited seafood and BBQ buffet that will surely satisfy your taste buds!
  • VIP 级度假体验:豪华VIP 三排座椅旅游巴士,座椅更加宽敞!
    Experience VIP-level luxury: Travel in a deluxe VIP bus with three rows of spacious seats!

For booking this tour package or more details, you can use the below method to contact our sales representative, we’ll serve you in a short while. 预订此旅游配套或获取更多详情,您可以使用以下方式联系我们的销售代表,我们将会尽快为您服务。


The latest epic resort: OCEAN FLOWER ISLAND

Hainan Island, located in the southern part of China, is known as the “Hawaii of the East” due to its tropical climate, pristine beaches, and stunning natural beauty. In recent years, Hainan has undergone significant development, becoming a popular tourist destination with new attractions to explore.

海南岛位于中国南部,因其热带气候、原始海滩和迷人的自然美景而被誉为“东方夏威夷”。 近年来,海南取得了长足的发展,成为热门的旅游目的地,并有新的探索点。


Day 1
柔佛新山 Johor Bahru ✈ 海南岛海口 Haikou(机上用餐/晚餐 Meal on Board/Dinner)

参考航班 Reference flight: OD690 JHB-HAK 12:25-15:45

• 集合于士乃国际机场,搭乘包机航班新山飞往海口。抵达后由专业导游接待。
• 晚餐品尝海鲜自助大餐饕餮盛宴,上百种美食等您品鉴!畅饮无限量!

住宿:5* 海口南海希尔顿酒店 或同级

• Gather at Senai International Airport to board a charter flight from Johor Bahru to Haikou. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a professional tour guide.

• For dinner, enjoy a seafood buffet feast with hundreds of dishes to savor! Unlimited drinks!

Hotel: 5* Hampton by Hilton Haikou Nanhai or similar

Day 2
海口 Haikou → 琼海 Qionghai → 兴隆 Xinglong → 三亚 Sanya (早/午/晚餐 B/L/D)

• 于酒店内享用早餐,指定时间集合出发。

• 游览建于1934年的蔡家大院(含电瓶车),这具有浓郁南洋风格的中西合璧式建筑群落,是海南侨乡民居的突出代表,被称为“海南侨乡第一宅”。

• 参观兴隆咖啡谷,感受浓厚的东南亚风情,了解咖啡知识。(含电瓶车+赠送咖啡一杯)

• 参观兴隆南药热带植物园浓郁热带风光的植物王国,观赏罕见的见血封喉树种。

(1) 宋城千古情大型表演(CNY320/人·现付)
(2) 游艇出海三亚湾+啤酒+饮料+小吃(CNY250/人·现付)

住宿:5* 三亚指定酒店 或同级

• Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and gather at the designated time for departure.

• Visit the Cai Family Mansion (including an electric cart), built in 1934. This architectural complex, combining Chinese and Western styles with a strong Southeast Asian influence, is a prominent example of Hainan’s overseas Chinese homes and is known as the “Number One Mansion of Hainan’s Overseas Chinese.”

• Tour the Xinglong Coffee Valley, where you can experience the rich Southeast Asian atmosphere and learn about coffee culture (including an electric cart and a complimentary cup of coffee).

• Explore the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, a lush plant kingdom featuring rare trees like the deadly Upas tree.

★ After dinner, we recommend participating in optional activities:
(1) Songcheng Eternal Love grand performance (CNY 320 per person, payable on site)
(1) Yacht trip to Sanya Bay with beer, drinks, and snacks (CNY 250 per person, payable on site)

Hotel: 5* Sanya Designated Hotel or similar

Day 3
三亚 Sanya → 五指山 Wuzhishan (早/午/晚餐 B/L/D)

• 于酒店内享用早餐,指定时间集合出发。

• 参观海产品,集海洋生特健康产业,展示了海洋生物的无穷魅力。(游览约 90 分钟)

• 游览南山 108 米海上观音(含电瓶车)。高达 108 米的世界級南海海上观音,就建在南山的海面上。我们将体验抱佛脚,乘四层电梯等上观音脚下“抱佛脚”祈福。

• 前往独具韵味的原住民风情槟榔谷黎苗文化旅游区(含电瓶车)。这是中国首个民族文化型 5A 级景区,神秘迷人的原始雨林,风光激越多姿的少数民族娱乐,将让你流连忘返、惊叹不已。

• 乘车前往五指山。晚餐后,入住酒店休息。

住宿:5* 五指山亚泰雨林酒店 或同级

• Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and gather at the designated time for departure.

• Visit the Sea Products Exhibition, which showcases the boundless charm of marine life and the health industry derived from it (approximately 90 minutes).

• Tour the 108-meter Nanshan Sea Guanyin (including an electric cart). The world-class 108-meter statue of the South Sea Guanyin is situated on the sea at Nanshan. We will experience “Touching the Buddha’s Feet” by taking a four-story elevator up to the feet of the Guanyin statue for a blessing.

• Visit the unique Binglanggu Hainan Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park (including an electric cart). This is China’s first ethnic culture-themed 5A scenic spot, featuring mysterious and charming original rainforests and dynamic ethnic entertainment that will leave you amazed and reluctant to leave.

After dinner, check into the hotel for rest.

**Hotel: Wuzhishan Yatai Rainforest Resort 5* or similar

Day 4
Wuzhishan 五指山→ Ocean Flower Island 海花岛 (早/午/晚餐 B/L/D)

• *于酒店内享用早餐,指定时间集合出发。

• 前往坐落在五指山热带雨林深处的【最美乡村-毛纳村】。这里是黎族百姓聚居的村寨,采用30000余根竹子打造而成的黎族特色 “船形屋”建筑,吸引了各地游客慕名前来打卡

• 参观【海南省民族博物馆】,馆藏文物3万多件,尤以黎族文物最具特色。

• 游览【牙胡梯田(含电瓶车)】,在山丘坡面上开辟出来的1100亩梯田,被誉为【海南第一梯田】及【海南最美梯田】

住宿:5* 海花岛欧堡酒店 或同级

• Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and gather at the designated time for departure.

• Visit the “Most Beautiful Village – Maona Village,” located deep in the tropical rainforest of Wuzhishan. This village is inhabited by the Li ethnic group and features their unique “boat-shaped houses” made from over 30,000 bamboo poles, attracting visitors from all over.

• Visit the Hainan Provincial Museum, which houses over 30,000 cultural relics, with a particular emphasis on artifacts from the Li ethnic group.

• Tour the Yahu Terraces (including electric vehicle), featuring 1,100 acres of terraced fields carved into the hillside. Known as the “Number One Terraces in Hainan” and “The Most Beautiful Terraces in Hainan.”

Hotel: 5* Castle Hotel Ocean Flower Island or similar

Day 5
海口 Haikou ✈ 新山 Johor Bahru (B/L/Meal on Board 早/午/机上用餐)

参考航班 Reference flight: OD691 HAK-JHB 16:45-20:10

• 早餐于酒店内享用,指定时间集合出发。

• 打卡网红海花岛儋州海花岛,游览美食街、婚礼庄园……等等。

• 海南火爆全网的 IG Spot云洞图书馆,在海口邂逅的浪漫瞬间。

• 前往骑楼老街,这里有最具特色的街道景观,老街荟萃了海南的各种特色小吃美食。

• 根据航班时间送往机场,返回温暖的家。

• Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and gather at the designated time for departure.

• Check in at the popular Danzhou Ocean Flower Island, visiting attractions like the food street and wedding manor.

• Visit the trending IG spot Cloud Cave Library for romantic moments in Haikou.

• Head to Qilou Old Street, which features the most unique street views and a variety of Hainan’s specialty snacks and delicacies.

• Transfer to the airport according to your flight schedule and return to your warm home.

配套包括 Package Includes:

  • 新山-海口往返机票+税+来回20公斤行李+机上用餐 JHB-HAK Return flight ticket+taxes+luggage 20 kg+MOB
  • 酒店标准双人用房 Standard Twin/Double Room
  • 列明餐食(4早8正) Specified meals (4 breakfasts, 8 main meals)
  • 行程列明用车 Transportation as outlined in the itinerary
  • 所列景点首道门票+景区交通 1st entrance tickets to listed attractions + on-site transportation
  • 优秀中文导游服务+小费 Excellent Chinese-speaking tour guide service + tips
  • 涵盖新冠旅游保险(限70岁或以下) Coverage for COVID-19 travel insurance (for those aged 70 and below)

Package Excludes 配套不包括:

  • 领队小费 Tour leader tipping.
  • 新山机场接送 JB Airport transfer.
  • 自费项目费用 Optional Activities.
  • 酒店行李员小费 Hotel porter gratuity.
  • 所有不在本行程之内的额外个人开支 Others personal expenditure are not mention in itinerary.
  • The itinerary is for reference only and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance with local requirements.
  • There is only one stop at a fish oil shopping store throughout the trip (if you do not visit the shopping store, an additional charge of RM300 per person will apply).
    全程仅1 个鱼油购物站(如不进购物店,需加收:RM300/人)
  • In case of any discrepancies between the English and Chinese itineraries, the Chinese version will prevail.

4 天 3 晚 快乐打卡·闪耀海南岛

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