Pulau Tinggi or Tinggi Island is one of the many captivating tropical islands that nestles the East Coast of Johor. Its white, sandy beach surrounded by alluring blue waters makes it a perfect haven for those who want to escape from the mundane world. The island is like all other islands of the Marine Park surrounded by coral, crystal clear water and sandy beaches. The long coastline, which is dotted with caves, is home to coral reefs teeming with marine life, making it ideal for underwater photography. There is also a small museum and a turtle hatchery, where they gather turtle eggs and again turn the born little turtles back into the sea. The island is also blessed with natural fresh water and sheltered harbour, which explains its role as a stopover point for traders in the olden days. Apart from its physical beauty, Pulau Tinggi is also famous for its mystical characters. The locals believe that Malay’s most famous hero, Hang Tuah, had stopped here in one of his journeys. It is believed that his spirit still guards the island till these days. The best time to visit Tinggi Island is on July till September. Please be note that most resort will be closed during November till February due to monsoon season.
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