Bekok King Box Set B (3 X 400g)


Available Date : 01st June-31st July 2020

Box Set B (3 X 400g)
Berat 重量 Weight : 1.2 kg*

*1.2 kg of pulp is equal to roughly 5.4 kg with a shell.
1.2 kg 榴莲果肉相等于大概 5.4 kg 带壳榴莲。

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Bekok King 彼咯王

  • Pulp Colour: Milky Yellow
  • Taste: Dry, Bitter
  • Texture: Sticky & Pasty
  • 果肉颜色浅黄带点牛奶色,肉质带粘状,味道苦干。

订购须知 Terms & Condition : 

  1. 以上价钱有效2020年6月9日至6月16日,价钱会跟着市场价格浮动。
    The above price is valid from 9th June to 16th June 2020, the price will float with the market price.
  2. 我们是“Durian Boy”新山榴莲山庄授权经销商,榴莲来自柔佛三个榴莲园,皆为当天收成当天送货。
    We are Johor Bahru Durian Villa “Durian Boy” Authorised Selling Agent, all our durians are from three Durian Farm in Johor, all durians are daily harvest and delivery, guarantee fresh.
  3. 为确保榴莲出货品质,我们保留更改送货日期的权利。因此,您的订单可能因送货当日榴莲收成情况与榴莲品质等问题,而需改换到其他日期。
    To ensure the quality of durian, we reserve the right to change the delivery date. Therefore, your order may need to be changed to another receive date base on the durian harvest on the delivery day and the quality of the durian.
  4. 外送服务仅限新山地区或新山范围以内40公里。
    Delivery service is limited to Johor Bahru area or within 40 km of Johor Bahru area.